The DC New 52

by Colleen on August 18, 2011

In September, DC Comics is relaunching its entire comics line. Its plan is to come out with a total of 52 #1 comics, a new one for each of the super heroes. Each week in September, there will be 13 new ones.

DC has even gone so far as to introduce a trailer for the event:

DC is one of the oldest comic publishers there is. It began in 1934 and since then has created some of the greats like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and more. To some readers, however, this long history is daunting. It gets discouraging to pick up a comic at issue #881 (like Detective Comics!) and know very little about the history of the story.

In an attempt to modernize and gain new generations of readers, DC has thrown EVERY TITLE back to the beginning. It’s a risky move to be sure, but it should be a great time to get into a series you’d like to read. If you’re curious and would like to subscribe, just drop by the store or shoot us an email! Want to know when each is coming out? Look at the checklist!

To find out more about the New 52, check out the embedded links or the teasers at Comics Alliance! You can also watch the video below:

Happy reading!

xoxo Colleen

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